SEO Experiment with Free Domains / Low Trust Domains

In this Article i want show the first results from my PWA Challenge. In this Experiment i want Show how big are the Effects from different Domain Types on your Search Engine Visibility

Information to the SEO Experiment

  • Date & Time: 6 Month (October 2020 – March 2021)
  • Information: Scaling 50 New Website Projects (Read more about the PWA Challenge)
  • Results: Notes for Domain Selection with Focus on Free Domain Type

Domain types from the SEO Experiment

  • .COM Domains – For Projects in English for International Scaling
  • .DE Domains – For Projects in my Mother Language and Market
  • New Domain Endings: International or Local (Focus on International)
  • Free Domain Endings: “Low-Trust Domains” (.tk .cf .ga .gq .ml)
  • Subdomains from all Kind of Domains

Free Domains and the Trust Problem

Nobody like! Nobody use and you also should not waste your time. It needs not long and i have realize it and i was remembering my grandma and what she say: Nothing is for free! That’s Right. The price for the Free Domains is the visibility. But the visibility is the gasoline from a project. It feels like you run on a running Maschine, you lost many energy and you are on the same position like before.

First Test to Scale a Free Domain

It feels like Google really hate the Low-Trust Domains. Some Days after the Launch every Webmaster is looking, how are the search results are looking. I do the same with my Free Domains, if you search the complete URL from your Domain in Google, like: “” you found your own website normally fastly on the first page and then on the first position. If you have a Free Low Trust Domain you can search long, you don’t find, it needs High Trust Links from Websites like Wikipedia, YouTube or other big player to become Rankings for your Brand. I say Good Rankings to relevant Keywords are not possible with that kind of Domain type. My testing was not at the end.

Second Test to Scale a Free Domain

I was building next a bigger project with a Free Low Trust Domain, a Product Database ( with 200.000 Products and like 250.000 Pages. I try it here with a site search ( it’s now, to get the results from my pages from a domain in google. With .COM or .NET Domain i would see 100+ Pages minimum, from the Free Domain i found all the Domain only 4 pages in Google.

The Benefits from the Free Domains

Yes there are really Benefits to run a Project on a Free Low Trust Domain

  • Not all projects want visibility, if you want a secure project, nobody can found with Search Engines the Free Domains are like Made for this.

Free Domains have potenzial for the Future. In App Marketplace is it not really important, how kind of Domain Type do you have. In Google Play is the situation complete different, a Low trust Domain Setup App has not really big problems in the Rankings.

Free Domains as URL Shortener?

Not with Twitter! If you use the Free Domain as URL-Shortener, don’t share in Twitter. Twitter also don’t like and it feels like the tweets are hiding only yourself can found this. After like and Retweets it changes a bit. But this is also not the beste Situation to run a Website project on a Low trust Domain.

The Domain in the Twitter Profil feels also not so good. My test not long enough, but i think it’s similar with the Tweets, unlisting from the results.

Information about Free Domains

  • You don’t get a Authcode to sell or transfer the Domain (but you can buy the Reserve the Domain for like 8$ per Year to become all these missing features.)
  • No Heavy renewable process, 14 day before you have 14 days time. No Information per E-Mail. Yon need to setup a calendar with the dates or your login in every week and check.
  • I can recommend for register a Free Domain, you get like endless. Also other Domains not really expense from You need to setup a DNS
  • Many really strength projects in this hidden Low trust World.

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