My PWA Challenge Results – 50 PWA in 6 Month

I want show in this blog article, the results from my PWA Challenge. The Goal was in this (my first) Challenge to run 50 PWA in the Time period of 6 Month. I startet the Challenge on 01.10.2020, the end was on 15.02.2021. A powerful time with a big learning curve. Challenges for my a perfect to focus Goals, never before i learned so fast so many thinks.

The Results from the PWA Challenge

If you like to see all the projects, you can try the main projects in my Interactive PWA Overview, for all Projects visit my Project Overview in a Spreadsheet

From Prototype to 1.0 Public Version

  1. Becoming a Idea for a New self and fast scaling Project
  2. Register a New Domain(s) and Main Social Accounts
  3. Building the Logo in the important sizes and Set the CI Colors
  4. Rollout my WordPress Framework (WordPress with selected Plugins)
  5. Realizing the Public Version on the fastest way (It needs to work)
  6. Get the First Feedback from Friends and Social Media
  7. Scaling to the First Market Version (Important Features, modern Design, PWA Rules)
  8. Build Apps, Addons from the Project and go the Markets (Nitro for Fast Scaling)
  9. Submitting in the Daily Business the Projects on High Trust Websites
  10. Working in the Daily Business on Design, Content, more and better features

For all the projects, like the same situation and processes on the way to 1.0 Public Version.

More Information to the PWA challenge coming in the next articles. You can read about the SEO Experiments in this Challenge and i want show my WordPress Framework for PWA Building.

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